Meet Aleksa Mijanović: A Sea Lover and Dolphin Protector in the Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor holds many wonders, and one of the most beautiful is the presence of the magnificent dolphins swimming in its waters. For Aleksa Mijanović, a boat owner and participant in the Top100 Good Practice Story competition, dolphins are a special source of joy. His story of protecting dolphins and preserving their communities reflects his passion for the sea and nature.

Aleksa Mijanović began his career as a skipper, where he gained valuable experience and craft skills. However, after several years of work, he decided to start his own business to enjoy even more of the charms of this profession. His love for the sea and the Bay of Kotor was the key driver for opening a company with a partner in 2020, despite the beginning of the pandemic. After some time, Aleksa decided to continue independently, getting closer to colleagues who shared similar passions.

Guest satisfaction and impact on the local community

Although the beginnings were challenging, success showed through the satisfaction of guests who shared their experiences on social media and tourist platforms. Aleksa and his team strive to make every tour special and to ensure every guest enjoys it. Many guests even decided to buy property after the trip, further highlighting the impression the bay leaves on visitors.

The beauty of the bay and encounters with dolphins

However, the beauty of the bay is even greater when the dolphins appear. Aleksa points out that even guests from Germany managed to see dolphins in the wild only when they came to the Bay of Kotor. Dolphins are noticed often, 2-3 times a week, but that too requires a dose of luck.

When the dolphins appear, euphoria erupts on the boat. The music is turned off, everything stops, and everyone watches these beautiful, exotic, and elegant animals, hoping they will approach the boat. This unplanned moment of nature at work cannot be bought or staged, and precisely because of this, Aleksa emphasizes how important it is to preserve the dolphins and their natural habitat.

Environmental responsibility and nature conservation

Photo: Aleksa helping divers in a recent clean-up

Aleksa is committed to being environmentally responsible in his business. The speedboat engines on his boat use new technologies that minimally pollute the environment. In addition, Aleksa is dedicated to preserving the cleanliness of the bay and provides help in preserving nature whenever possible.

Aleksa Mijanović is an example of dedication to preserving nature and protecting dolphins in the Bay of Kotor. His story shows how love for the sea and nature can have a positive impact on the local community and tourism. We invite all visitors and nature lovers to support this initiative and participate in protecting dolphins and preserving the natural beauty of the Bay of Kotor.






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