Preserving the Beauty of Kotor’s San Giovanni Fortress: A Call for Responsible Tourism

As spring arrives and the days become more beautiful, people increasingly spend time outdoors and in nature. The Kotor city walls and the San Giovanni Fortress are popular destinations for numerous tourists and local residents.

The stunning view from the top of the fortress and the path leading to it makes climbing the 1426 steps worthwhile. However, despite the exceptional historical and touristic significance of the walls and fortress, many complaints received by the Tourism Organisation of Kotor offices related to the cleanliness and maintenance of these sites.

Tourism Organisation of Kotor employees come together to clean up the historic San Giovanni Fortress and surrounding paths.

As a group of employees at the Kotor Tourist Organization, and primarily as Kotor citizens, we have organized multiple clean-up actions along the path to the San Giovanni Fortress. We continue this effort today.

The entrance to the city walls is still free of charge, and many tourists of all ages can be observed on the path to the top for several days now. A recent addition to the area is the informative plaques installed as part of the tourist marking of the walls, carried out by the Secretariat for Investments. These plaques provide visitors with basic information and explain the significance of these structures and fortifications.

Plaques offer insights into the site’s history and architectural significance.
Plastic bottle waste found among the Ruscus aculeatus plants, tarnishing the natural beauty behind Kotor’s historic walls

Today’s clean-up action was carried out with the aim of drawing public attention once again to the importance of proper waste disposal. We appeal to all visitors to preserve this valuable cultural and natural heritage and contribute to this extraordinary location’s cleanliness and beauty.






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