Bay of Kotor Clean-Up Initiative: United for a Cleaner and Greener Coastline 🌊🍃

In a powerful display of unity and environmental commitment, the Bay of Kotor recently witnessed a major clean-up operation. A diverse coalition of local organizations and volunteers came together to clear the bay of litter and pollutants, tackling a problem intensified by the pressures of mass tourism.

Led by NGO Naša Akcija and Omladinski tim Tivat, the operation brought together the Tourist Organisation of Kotor, the Kotor Public Utility Company, the Protection and Rescue Service’s divers, DMAD/Montenegro Dolphin Association and many volunteers. Among those who particularly stood out for their assistance were boat owners Vasilije Kusovac, Božo Zornija, and Aleksa Mijanović, firefighters and divers: Aleksandar Maslovar, Nikola Banićević, Mario Marković, Josip Joško Marković, and Božidar Božo Belan.

Participants were amazed by the amount of waste collected from the seabed, including a significant amount of discarded tires.

Mario Marković, from the Protection and Rescue Service, expressed his dismay at the extent of pollution found in the underwater environment. He emphasized the importance of continued participation in such clean-up initiatives for the betterment of the coastline and the city.

Patricija Pobrić, an NGO Naša Akcija volunteer, highlighted the importance of the event taking place on Earth Day. She praised the collaboration of various organizations and the 30 volunteers who helped clear the shoreline, hoping for future joint initiatives to maintain the beauty of the bay.

Earth Day: Kotor Bay Clean Up Action

Aleksa Mijanović, a local boat owner who loves the Bay of Kotor and its dolphins, showed his dedication to preserving the environment by actively participating in the clean-up. He stressed the importance of being ecologically responsible and utilizing new technologies, such as low-emission boat engines, to minimize pollution.

Jelena Radunović of the Kotor Public Utility Company praised the initiative for engaging young people in environmental preservation efforts. She emphasized that the younger generation’s involvement is crucial for ensuring long-lasting positive change.

Vuk Koljenšić, NGO Naša akcija coordinator, expressed his gratitude to the divers and firefighters who made the clean-up possible. The cooperation between various organizations and individuals demonstrates the strength of a united community, dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the Bay of Kotor for generations to come.

Altogether, this Bay of Kotor cleanup action is a remarkable demonstration of the collaborative efforts and dedication of various organizations and individuals in preserving and protecting nature. Their success will encourage further similar initiatives, raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection and the need for responsible tourism. Through joint efforts, the local community will ensure the preservation of the natural beauty of the Bay of Kotor, contributing to its long-term sustainability and well-being for future generations.






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