Challenges and Recommendations for Sustainable Waste Management in Kotor

From left to right: Ljilja Radunović, Miljana Đurišić, Jelena Radunović

The Sustainable Waste Management and Primary Sorting project represents a significant step in the fight against pollution in the municipality of Kotor. The forum, organized by the NGO Eco Center Delfin and PUC, presented an analysis of the state of primary waste sorting in the local communities of Stari Grad, Škaljari, Muo, Dobrota I, and Dobrota II, as well as challenges, remarks, recommendations, and suggestions for future improvements in waste disposal and collection.

A survey conducted among citizens from November 2022 to the end of January 2023 revealed limitations in adhering to the decision on waste sorting into two fractions. The director of Public Utility Company, Miljana Đurišić, informed the participants that the company had decided on separate waste collection in the territory of Škaljari, Muo, and Dobrota, with plans to expand the decision to other areas. However, the expansion was postponed due to high waste collection and transport costs and increased fuel prices. Furthermore, PUC still lacks all the necessary infrastructure, and their trucks are in poor condition. Nevertheless, in 2023, they will acquire three new trucks, and they expect to buy at least two new trucks with modern equipment for primary waste selection the following year.

Jelena Radunović, a representative of the PUC, provided information on activities aimed at educating the youngest citizens. Elementary and high school students began their education last week to encourage them to perform primary waste sorting. The campaign is eco-competitive, and the three schools that separate most of the raw materials will receive symbolic prizes in technical equipment.

Forum participants commented on the efforts of PUC in implementing the new decision on primary waste sorting into dry and wet fractions. Bojana Petković, from the Secretariat for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage, praised the start of the program and emphasized that it will have a positive outcome. One of the attendees proposed hiring eco-enforcers to patrol the city and warn citizens about waste disposal rules. However, Dragana Knežević pointed out potential problems and unpleasantness if children faced a lack of culture among adult citizens.

Despite the problems and challenges, the forum showed a willingness and initiative to improve sustainable waste management in the Kotor area. The participants agreed that it is necessary to raise citizens’ awareness of the importance of primary waste selection and the need for greater involvement of NGOs in this process.

With the support of the local community, experts, and all citizens, the Sustainable Waste Management and Primary Waste Selection project will continue to be implemented to achieve the goal of preserving the natural environment and healthy living space for all residents of the Kotor Municipality.






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